Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Decked up

Just for a change I am not going to rant ... Yes she has been spread all over the media like a small Tsunami all week but ... well ... she is bloody brilliant though. I know as an occupation it ranks in importance alongside the numpties that try to cram themselves into minis to get into the Guinness book of pointless, but she is one brave and determined cookie ... and like all skilled and gifted explorers she has made the whole enterprise look, dare I say it, exciting and easy.
Right now, stuck behind a desk, I yearn for a spell on the open seas, so I applaud Ellen, dame of the ocean, Captain Nemess.

The only thing I'd like Ellen to do on her next voyage ...
Use Pete Doherty as an anchor

(you will of course notice that I have used no references to 'the horn' 'seamen' 'wind at my back' 'spray on my face' or any other rude and defamatory nautical expressions in this missive ... out of respect)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

She went all around the World of course...What does she do to top that?Go round backwards...or blindfolded?On one leg?
It reminds me of the old joke...
Holidaymaker to another:I've just been on a world cruise,but I'm going somewhere else next year....

8:09 pm  
Blogger dave bones said...

bollox! she moaned the whole way round the world, exactly like she did on her last voyage! Pull the plug on her!

6:03 pm  

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