Friday, December 17, 2004

whats the difference ?

What is the difference between these two ...

Not a lot really
both DJ's
ones from Liverpool the other one is from Manchester
they both have that 80's radio 1 DJ drone, mock ironic, mock intelligent, mock one of the lads, up to the minute, in your face, got to love the sound of this, got to dash out and buy the next piece of aural filth excreated by some nasty spotty halfwitted indie band that can barely string two guitars together let alone entertain anyone but themselves, type voice

Questions ::

Why do these people exist ?
What actual function do they actually perform?
Why are they allowed to broadcast on anything other than Abergavenny hospital radio ?

I'm off to do some binge drinking now in the hope that I'll get an on the spot prize ...

Oh he said FINE ...


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