Tuesday, January 17, 2006

short recollection

I am washing up and I'm thinking ...

I once shared, and co-owned, a house in Mayfield.

The situations that lead up to the purchase of this property and the person with which I undertook this responsibility are not for now, so lets move on.
Mayfield is a charming village in East Sussex boasting, at the time, eleven or so pubs. We were fortunate enough to inhabit an idyll right next door to one, with a typical name, The Railway Arms, and I can definitely say for certain that we became locals within two months.
I have nothing but fond memories of this house, whose address I can't remember, so its a crying shame that I was too immature to appreciate it.

There were moments.

I had a beautiful bedroom at the top of the house, sorry, I haven't explained the place have i, well, this is from memory dating back eighteen years.

The house was a right-hand semi-detached property with a small lane running down by the right-hand side. It comprised three floors, Entrance hall leading to a kitchen at the back and a living room at the front. Two bedrooms and a bathroom on the middle floor and the final bedroom, mine, at the top.

I lived there for at least eighteen months and for at least three quarters of that time I was completely happy, not just getting along happy, completely happy.

Why didn't I see that.

There are at least twelve really good stories wrapped around this time.

But that is also for another time.

washing ups done ...


Anonymous rodney marshes left toe said...

pray continue bubba !

6:05 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, the great Greybread contemplates his dangerous passage through this life.

Yeah, I had a Hillman Avenger once. It cost me a hundred quid, then another hundred quid for tyres and shit to make it legal. It had two gears - reverse and third. It was a bastard to get away from the lights.

9:10 pm  

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