Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Thinking about Mum

Its been eight years today.
December 7th 1994.

I still miss her



Anonymous Anonymous said...


I remember her as a kind and welcolming person.

And please forgive these untimely, and possibly inappropriate, words old friend, but she really did make the best chips ever!

Paul, Bath.

3:35 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Indeed - a great cook! It was plaice, chips and peas the first time I met her.
And though I know she struggled sometimes, she was a good person - funny and wise and accepting, and the best mother she could be.
We can't all have the have the childhood we'd like to have had, but I hope you remember her with lots of love because whatever her struggles, she was a loyal and loving mum.

2:20 am  

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