Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Pure as the driven snow

So, drug free ....

the premise is that throughout your life you have avoided all chemical interaction. Never once taken a headache cure, or cold remedy. Never had the pleasure of multi-vitamins and cough medicine. Never sneaked a toke on the youth club spliff. avoided all amphetamines and caffeine based pick me ups at college, avoided all psycho active pleasure drugs on nights out. Never, ever considered snorting cocaine and, god forbid, someone might actually suggest that opiates are the way forward. Plus, the pain killer is not an option, the tranquilliser is unnecessary , and the anabolic steroid is facile.

Twenty Bensons and a pint of Stella ....

I am addicted to life

Pass the duchy pon the left hand side

rack em up

and show me the photos


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