Thursday, April 28, 2005

I'm back ...

Hello y'all, I'm back from outer space, having been on my usual four week abduction exchange. I get to stay with a lovely family of mescqaloids and their son gets to stay in my house. It works quite well apart from the smell ... mescqaloids tend to kick up a bit due to the composition of their skin, mainly sulphur and ammonia based sweat glands. So I normally have to wash the sheets when I get back.

Loads has happened while I've been away ...

Good things
New Order have bought out a fantastic new album
Waiting for the sirens call

The Engineers are a brilliant new band worth catching
The Engineers official site

The government have called an election,
get all the facts at the only place for independent coverage
or pick up the RSS feed here

Cinema du lyon has a new podcast ready for you to download now
visit the site here
or pick up the RSS feed here

Bad things
Jade Goody has the same face and it is plastered everywhere for no apparant reason
and Chelsea are going to win the league



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