Monday, February 28, 2005

OK !! I don't want to know HELLO !!!

It seems to me that when I have an opinion about a celebrity that I get quite a lot of feedback ... So I will continue

Now then

Brian MacSaddam and Kerry Keytosis

I want to know why, why WHY !!!!

He is just a Brian and like all Brians just behaves like a Brian ... He has no describable appeal, the charisma of a Tetse fly and a voice that is no better than a japanese Karaoke star ... Oh and he must have an excellent pair of beer goggles.

I have clocked some great Delta wannabe's at my local B&Q so he has at least taken a step up from the monster that was Mrs MacShaton.
Was she in the Bogey babes or was it ectopic kit off ?
Has she actually contributed to society at any level ? ...
and is she trying to outdo Jade Goody in the munter stakes 'cos its a toss up

Jade Goody ... now don't get me started on that worthless piece of shit or I'll be at it all day

Anyway it saddens me that good trees are being cut down, pulped and processed just so we can get a glimpse of Kerry Katatonia showing us her arse, Brian 'Big' Mac Gibbon sporting this weeks facial growth and Jade Shoddy gurning outside a supermarket with sixteen brats under each arm

... Surely this is an excellent advert for eugenics


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