Friday, February 18, 2005

Mans best friend ...

I smell better
hear more
Don't have to do fuck all
Eat sleep and shit ...
There you are, looking like a dog, going off in your dog-tooth jacket, feeling like the dogs bollocks. You fancy doing a bit of dogging, finding your bitch, heavy petting, doing it doggie style. So you have a sniff around, make sure your not in the dog-house, on the hunt, take the lead, give your puppy dog eyes, hound, beg, howl at the moon, don't shit on your own doorstep and Shake a leg. I've got a bone to pick about this dogs life, I bark out some orders, I am the dog with two cocks, on heat, hot to trot, keep me on a short leash, I chase that ball, I reach that lamp-post, running boxer-style.

Good boy.

How low can you go ? (about a Chihuahua)

Now give me something to eat ...


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